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Nice Landing! (32kb) VAP-61, 905's Office (early version), '60  ( From: Carl Johnson) (37kb) Fresh Meat to Munch On 1960? ( From: Carl Johnson) (23kb) Two Ex VCP-61 F8U-1P's, went to VFP-63 PP (Eyes of The Fleet) in 1961 (From: Carl Johnson) (19kb)
USS Macon 1933, An Early Photo Recon Bird (50kb) VCP-61 A3D-2P 1961 (23kb) VAP-61, RA-3B 1963 (26kb) A4 & A3  (From: From: Don Sieburg) (20kb)
(From: Don Sieburg) (33kb) Black Bird at Cubi (24kb) Sad desert Birds (25kb) VAP-62, Airshow display, 1960 (60kb)
VAP-62, F9F-8T Time Builder NAS Jax  (From: Dick Pitman)  (20kb) VAP-62, AJ-2P Savage, 2 Turning 1 Burning  (From: Dick Pitman)  (45kb) VAP-62, RA-3B Lot'sa Cameras  (From: Dick Pitman) (11kb) VAP-62, RA-3B Get'n Ready USS Saratoga  (From Dick Pitman) (30kb)
VAP-62, 1963 4 A4's, 1 Thirsty Big Brother  (From: Dick Pitman) (18kb) A-4 Diamond Big Bro Still  (From: Dick Pitman) (44kb) VAP-62 A3 At Gitmo Went to Cuba for the FOOD? (22kb) A3D-2P over Columbia LT Roger Chaffee, Pilot  (71kb)
(From: Brian Lockett) (12kb) A3D-2P, 144842, VCP-63 (PP), Note: Radome + Tail Turret, Location, Unknown. (From: Roger Eidenschink) (32kb) A3D-2P  (From: Bruce Haase) (19kb) 3 x A-3's  (From: Brian Lockett) (14kb)
VQ-1 A=3 over Agana  (From: Dan Eidson) (49kb) 147666 @ Western A/S Museum, Oakland  (From: Bruce Haase) (35kb) Gutted Cockpit 147666 @ Western (34kb) Short Flying Boat (once H. Hughes owned) @ Western (From: Haase) (24kb)
Bomber @ Western ASM Oakland (29kb) EKA-3B Tanker and Recon. over the USS Enterprise CVN-65  (From A-3 Assoc) (61kb) F7F and A26 (Navy JD) at Palm Springs (From: Haase) (22kb) RA-3B being operated by VQ-1 after 1971 (From: Roger E.) (45kb)
Ratheon 50th Reenactment  (From: Haase) (28kb) Ratheon 50th Reenactment (From: Haase)    (24kb) Ratheon 50th Reenactment (From: Haase) (25kb) Ratheon 50th Reenactment (From: Haase) (23kb)
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Bruce Haase Stephen Stenger