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2009 Reunion
The VAP-61/VAP-62 2009 reunion will be held in Nashville, 28 October - 01 November at the Holiday Inn Select, Opryland-Airport. For further info contact Jim Temple via email ( or (757) 721-3077.

2008 Reunion
The VAP-61/VAP-62 2008 reunion will be held October 23-26 2008 at the Bayside Holiday Inn, San diego, CA. For further info contact Jim Temple via email ( or (757) 721-3077.

2007 Reunion
Location: Branson, MO.
When: 25-29 October 2007. 
Point of Contact: Jim Temple. email address is and phone # (757) 721-3077

San Antonio, Texas Reunion 2006. Click here for details and reservations!

Vapper Newsletter 2005 now available! Features a recap of the Branson Reunion by: Jim Temple
Click here to view newsletter
PS - Jim's original MS Word document version is much nicer than the version we put on the site. But all of the content is the same. We ran into some conversion issues!

The Vappers Biographies page is now up and running. Please take a moment to share your life story.

As you may have noticed, we've given the website a much needed facelift. The biggest change is the navigation structure which features drop down menus with links to the different pages on the site. If you're having trouble navigating the website using the drop down menus, you can use the links on the Site Map/Updates page as an alternate form of navigation. Another major change to the website is the format of the photo galleries. Click on any photo in a gallery and use the navigation links above the photos to easily scroll through the pictures in a slide show style while also viewing the captions.

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The A3 Skywarrior Assoc. Nov. 2005 see

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