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If you are a Vapper in search of an old friend, contact Vapper Bruce with the following information.

  • "Your Name" and " Missing Vappers name, rank/rate, Squadron, Year, Work Area"
  • If you have just visited this page and you can help the "Searcher" please contact Vapper Bruce.
  • If you have FOUND who YOU were searching for, PLEASE contact Vapper Bruce.

Thank You and good luck with your search!

(List is in alphabetical order using the first name of the searcher)
Searchers Name
Missing Vappers Name
Work Area
Al Braccini Looking for: Lou Harrison AE-3 VAP-62 '67-'68 AE- Shop
Al Braccini Looking for: Kevin "Pat" Patterson AT-2 VAP-62 '67-'68 AT- Shop
Bill Clay Looking for: Guy Kennedy CPO VAP-61 '68-'70  
Bill Clay Looking for: David MacConnagha Lt VAP-61 '68-'70  
Bill Clay Looking for: Joe Arnold Lt VAP-61 '68-'70  
Bill Clay Looking for: ? Tulis AQ1 VAP-61 '68-'70 AQ Shop
Bob Skillen Looking for: Bob Hensen CPO VAP-61 '67-'69 3rd seat crew
Bruce Haase Looking for: "Big Al" Howard LCDR VAP-61 1962 Pilot, Maint.Off
Bruce Haase
Looking for: Richard Slovacek LTjg VAP-61 1966 "FOUND"
Bruce Haase Looking for: Jim Shaw ADJ2 VAP-61 1967 3rd Crew
Carl Johnson Looking for: David C. Baumann AQ3 VAP-61 '60-'62 AQ Shop
Carl Johnson Looking for: James W. Stout AME2 VAP-61 '59-'61  
Carl Johnson Looking for: James A. Tracy PH1 VAP-61 '60-'62 Photo shop
Darrell Herk Looking for: James R. Banks AQ3 VAP-61 '61-'63 AQ Shop
Darrell Herk Looking for: Norm Westby AQ3 VAP-61 '60-'62 AQ Shop
David Brown Looking for: Roland Garrison AMS1 VAP-61 '63-'66 Airframes
David Brown Looking for: ? Phillips AM2 VAP-61 '63-'66 '63-'66
Don Carney Looking for: "Red" Sack PH1 VAP-61 '58-'60 Photo Lab
Ed Doit (added 11/29/05 ) Looking for: Bill Pyatt PH-3 VAP-61 '66-'67 Photo Line
J. Shelby Aston Looking for: Rick Williams PT? VAP-61 '69-'71 Photo Lab
Jeff Minnick Looking for: Conrad Eberstien PN VAP-61 1969 "FOUND"
Jeff Minnick Looking for: Arthur Day CDR VAP-61 '68-'69 CO
Jerry Le Blanc Looking for: Bob Jordon   VAP-61 '63-'65 Personnel Offic.
Jerry Le Blanc Looking for: Jim Punch ADJ3 VAP-61 '63-'65 Engine Shop
Jim Murphy Looking for: Chuck Collins AE2 VAP-61 '57-'59 Electric Shop
Jim Service Looking for: Charlie Aschman PH2 VAP-61 '66-'67 "FOUND"
Larry Harrison Looking for: Joe Zeiger AMS3 VAP-61 '64-'65 Line Crew
Larry Wittmayer Looking for: Joseph R. Colbert ATR3 VAP-62 1968 3rd Seat
Michael "Woody" Woods Looking for: Arthur Hillis PH1 VAP-61 '65-'67 "FOUND"
Michael "Woody" Woods Looking for: Harley Listiak PH2 VAP-61 '65-'67 Photo Line
Michael "Woody" Woods Looking for: Bob Hensen PH2 VAP-61 '65-'67 Photo Line
Mike Setzer Looking for: Chad Hutton AMH-2 VAP-61 '64-'68 Airframes?
Phillip "Dobie" Jimmerson Looking for: Frank Belz ADJ3 VAP-61 '63-'64 Plane Captain
Phillip "Dobie" Jimmerson Looking for: Gunter "Cruncer" ADAN VAP-61 '63-'64 Line Crew
Phillip "Dobie" Jimmerson Looking for: Blevins AM3 VAP-61 '63-'64 Line Crew
Phillip "Dobie" Jimmerson Looking for: Tom Lily AM3 VAP-61 '63-'64 Line Crew
Ron Wood Looking for: Billy Ruth AE-1 VAP-61 '67-'69 AE shop
Tom Sutton Looking for: "Gentle Ben" Hawley Rank? VAP-61 '67-'68 Pilot
Vince Fliller Looking for: Gary Seals PH2 VAP-61 '69-'70 Flight Line
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