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We were recently contacted by a gentleman from Denmark who creates Navy artwork and wanted to show some of his work on our site. He does great work and really enjoys what he does so we figured we'd create a page for him. If you decide to order something from him, please do so at your own risk. We would not have put his work on the site if we anticipated any problems, but we just want to make it clear that we are in no way connected with the sale of his art. If you do experience problems please let us know.

Below is a message from the artist, Mr. Mads Bangs

All of the drawings are made in such a way that the colors and markings easily can be changed. Therefore I can customize the drawings to fit specific demands. This could be a specific BuNo and Modex no., a specific nose art, your name under the cockpit, certain markings or a special layout of the print. So if you like a print of a specific aircraft I can easily make a drawing with your favorite aircraft. Also, I can make prints with several aircraft of the same squadron, the same air group etc. In short, I can make any aircraft, from any squadron with any colors and markings.
The prints can be made in A2 or A1 format and are done on High Gloss 190 gram paper
Should you be interested in purchasing a print please contact me and we'll discuss the details. I don´t live from my artwork, but do it as a hobby, so I find my prices very competitive and negotiable. Should you be interested in browsing around the many US NAVY profiles on my website: please fell free to do so ! I always welcome comments, suggestions, questions, criticism and requests!

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