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Welcome to VAP-61 VAP-62 Navy Heavy Photo Recon!

Ahoy VAP Shipmates, This a website for VAP61 and VAP62, concentrating on the A3D-2P (RA3B) Douglas Skywarrior era, NAS Agana, Guam and NAS Jacksonville, Florida and all the Detachments. We are building an online list of old Vappers from VAP-61 & VAP-62 or both. The site is a storehouse of photos and links to interesting and related sites. We will be using this site as a method to keep interested parties informed of any REUNIONS and/or Gatherings that may concern the RA3B /Photo Reconnaissance community. Our Squadron's History and the History of the VAP forbearers is being saved, by Vappers, HERE. This is YOUR site, so please keep sending in your photos and stories of OUR past so that it may be shared with all of US. Check out the links as there is a lot of great photos and info out there. The Reunions in Pensacola and Whidbey Island that I attended were terrific and a lot of fun. Hope to see YOU at the next one. If you are a Vapper contact us to get on the mailing list.

Bruce Haase, VAP-61, 1961-1963, Plane Captain (901) NAS Agana, Guam.
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